Why provide value first?

Many people wonder why they should provide anything of value to their audience before they take action.
It may seem strange to do that, but if people can’t actually see any value from you with what you send out to them en mass… Why would they expect that taking actions based on your recommendations would be of any used to them (or any different)?
I have been guilty of simply expecting that as well, but I do try to provide value even when I supply a link to solutions for those whom are serious about making a change in their life.
This isn’t all on those of us as leaders to do though, because most of the time there are just too many people wanting the information so we simply save everyone the time of waiting for it to come to them. How we do that is by putting it in a video so they can access the information when it is most convenient for them. – A time when they can go through it without any interruptions. – This is so they get all the information before they move forward.
Most people will usually ignore that fact though.
That matters little since, if they really wanted it, they would have gone to the information right away so they could begin making the changes in their life as soon as possible.
 What you need for success may not be the same thing someone else needs to reach the same goals.
What’s more; While one method may work for a few people, there are others it will either not appeal to or it simply won’t work for them no matter how much they try to do it. (That last one is typically due to not having the proper training or any kind of guidance to ensure the proper steps are taken.)
What do you need?

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