Helping Those In The Know

I typically don’t promote to anyone under the age of 21 since they haven’t been in the work force so they really don’t understand the struggle that besets those whom have been in rat race for 2 – 3 years.
However, it has recently come to my attention that someone who just recently graduated high school (USA, not China) is in the training program and nearing its completion.
That is causing me to reevaluate my thoughts on to whom I show the solutions I have available.
The reason being that this young man has shown the foresight to do what is needed to get out of the “rat race” before being caught in the “golden handcuffs” syndrome associated with most jobs.
If at least 2 people from each state in the union have this enlightened vision then it means there is still hope for helping them succeed so they can, in turn, help even more do the same.

That means simply each year there is 100 people that can be helped by what I have to show them. – Those 100 can each help a great many more people break the cycle and live life on their own terms.
I know most people will see that as a small number, but it isn’t the number that really makes a difference so much as it is the quality of the those people being helped to succeed.
It may be a somewhat long process to help that many, but it becomes exponential when you consider those whom have been helped will be helping even more people to do the very same thing that they have done and are continuing to do.
It is something that just can no longer be done with the traditional nine-to-five grind – Sometimes known as “The American Dream” that no longer has a happy ending. – due to unenlightened self-interest (Bottom Line) to several companies.
This did seem to switch somewhere along the way, but the point is that if everyone was as insightful as the young man just having graduated, the United States of America could conceivable return itself to prosperity.
If you are reading this then you have the change to create your own economy and help others do the very same thing. How you go about that is entirely your choice.